Deepway is a Pop-Rock band composed by Carolina Mourato, voice and electric guitar, Mariana Miguel, keyboard and synthesizers, Bruno Santos, drums and António Santos, electric bass.

They met at the school in Lourinhã, around the age of 12/13, because they attended the same music education club. Friendship was born, and they decided to form a band. The pace and stimulus of the discovery was such that it was necessary to concentrate energies and rehearse. The school's music club no longer allowed them to have the necessary rehearsal time, so Mondays in the music room became theirs. They closed the school many times. The will did not fade, and they tried to gain time to rehearse in other places. Later, the band needed a bass player, and António, Carolina's cousin, appeared. In fact, this could be a story like so many others... but theirs doesn't stop there.

Like so many other young people, each one, individually, discovered music as a creative means of expression in their openness to the world. In the last six years, and outside their comfort zone, the group gained “antibodies” playing versions of their favorite bands at parties and villages across the country. However, Tatiana, an original member of the band, left due to lack of time. Today, all of them in their twenties, are students in the most varied professional areas, but the knowledge and experience accumulated in the musical area have transformed them into something more serious, and it was a seed that now germinates in a first album of originals sung in Portuguese. “Esta Era A Minha Casa” was edited on October 22, 2021, as well as its second music video. “Nada me vai Parar” (feat.Samir), the album's 1st single, was musically authored by Deepway and written by Carolina Mourato and Samir. “Muralha” is the 2nd single taken from “Esta Era a Minha Casa” and succeeds “Nada Me Vai Parar”, with 30 thousand views on the YouTube channel.

The new Portuguese rock