A Brazilian, who has Brazil and jazz engrained in her voice and soul, GUAI made her first stage appearance at the age of four. In 2016, she independently released her debut album, entitled DAMA DE PAUS; a bold and conceptual work, which generated rave reviews from important music journalists as well as the biggest names of Brazilian music, such as Roberto Menescal, Ivan Lins and Carlos Lyra. She was nominated for the biggest music awards in Brazil in 2011, 2012 and 2017. That year, she also launched her career internationally in Lisbon, Portugal, where she is currently based.

The daughter of a pianist father and a vocalist mother, GUAI was exposed to music from an early age, and she was destined to fulfil a personal mission to sing. By the age of four, her talent, voice and unique style were recognized as impressive. She grew up and studied Social Communication and Marketing, but she never lost sight of her real love to sing and perform. With time, GUAI’s music matured, and she became one of Brazil’s most sophisticated singers.

Through her musical performances and travels, GUAI became sensitive to the diverse musical influences present in Brazil’s music. She has an impressive collection of achievements: in 2009 she created, produced and directed the daring “Eu, Ella & Elis: the divas of Jazz”, a concert in which she tested and expressed her extraordinary talents as a music interpreter.

In 2011 GUAI, in partnership with the label QLouva Music, made an audacious reinterpretation of Noel Rosa’s classic “Último Desejo” (Last Wish). This was the origin of her first music video and nominated as a finalist in the 22nd Brazilian Music Award (formerly the Sharp / Time Music Award), Brazil’s biggest musical awards event. GUAI was also nominated as a finalist for this prestigious award in 2012 with her performance of “Coisa Feita”, a song written by Joao Bosco.

In 2013, GUAI moved to Rio de Janeiro. There she met Nema Antunes, with whom she performed “Senhorita” (the Miss) project, in which she is accompanied by distinguished instrumentalists. Two years later, this partnership would result in her debut CD “Dama de Paus” a contemporary work with clear influences of jazz, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, groove and samba. This album received significant reviews around the world, and it was critiqued by such notable music stars as Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, and Ivan Lins and recommended to audiences for their listening pleasure.

In 2017, GUAI was nominated for Best Female Vocalist for the Brazilian Caymmi Music Award. That same year, GUAI launched her international career with a performance in Lisbon, Portugal, which received high praise from both the Brazilian and Portuguese media. In Portugal, she promoted a season of performances, including television appearances.

Artistically restless and in a constant state of interpreting music in GUAI’s fresh and unique style, she entered into her most inspirational season in 2018. After carefully selecting from her diverse repertoire, she again collaborated with the most exuberant and best of Brazil’s musicians, to present her formidable musical talents to the delight of public audiences of fine Brazilian music. This new music is full of surprises and great musical art.

“GUAI’s is a voice that is fresh and youthful. She is a top-tier vocalist, not nearly as known as she deserves to be."

Jazz De La Pena