Marisa and the Moths release new song "Pedestal" about the pressure put on us by society to meet idealized standards

Pedestal is a song about the pressure put on us by society to meet unrealistic standards, especially for women, and how that can lead to feelings of inadequacy and mental health problems. In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with images and messages that distort our view of reality. From billboards and television commercials to social media posts, we are constantly switched on and being shown an idealised version of life that is not realistic. Marisa says:

“ This song is for anyone that has ever felt disregarded, disrespected or objectified in their life in some way. As a woman, every day I encounter some form of discrimination, especially in my line of work… and I know so many other women have experienced the same, which is what inspired me to write this song. Whilst the wheels of change are turning, it’s clearly happening far too slowly. Pedestal is my open letter to society to TRY HARDER.

”The accompanying music video very literally showcases the feeling of being objectified, “on display” and that you are a commodity which is fine for people to pass judgement on and the negative connotations that come with that.

Marisa portrays the feeling of worthlessness in her lyrics with “They won’t love me as I am”, making Pedestal an anthem for anyone that has ever felt like they can’t win. It is an important reminder that we should not allow society's distorted view of reality to dictate our own sense of self-worth and for finding the courage to be ourselves.